Why Install Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains on Your Warehouse?

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If one of your warehouse entrances needs open access at all times, then you may have decided to install a PVC strip curtain over its main entrance. This curtain allows your workers to come and go; they can also drive forklifts and other machines in and out of the space through the curtain. This ensures that you don't need a constantly open door that affects internal climate controls. Your workers also don't have to waste time opening and closing the door as they go in and out.

Before you buy a curtain, you should look at different features to make sure you get one that suits your needs. For example, ribbed curtains are a good option for warehouse environments. Why?

Get Extra Strength

While regular unribbed PVC doors stand up well to people using them, these products aren't always able to cope with heavier traffic that might not be that gentle. For example, if your forklift drivers use this door regularly, then the forklifts themselves might damage the curtain. These machines will scrape against the curtain, and it will probably get scratches on it quite quickly. These don't look good and they also degrade the protective quality of the PVC. Scratches become home to dirt and bacteria that are hard to eliminate.

Plus, constant exposure to forks and sharp edges could tear the curtain. Holes become a hazard, and missing strips make the door less effective. You may need to replace strips or even the curtain itself more often than you would otherwise have to.

Ribbed PVC strip curtains are stronger. The ribbing on each strip makes them more robust. This means they will stay clear and unscratched, and they are more resistant to damage. They last longer even in a heavy-traffic environment.

Get Better Climate Control

Regular PVC strip doors form a useful come-and-go barrier; however, they aren't always thick enough to control the mix between external and internal temperatures. Some transfer heat inside or let wind blow indoors. This may affect the comfort levels of your workers. If PVC doors don't block heat in summer, then they may work in hot conditions inside your warehouse. This becomes more important if your warehouse products need to be kept at a constant temperature, like if you're dealing with chilled goods. You may end up using your air conditioning more than you'd like.

Ribbed strips are heavier. They sit together more tightly and are less likely to be blown about. They are a more effective block between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Talk to PVC door suppliers to find out more about your options.

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