Guidelines You Must Consider When Buying a Rainwater Tank

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Rainwater tanks have become some of the best solutions homeowners can consider to have a constant supply of free water. In addition to saving you money, these tanks reduce the environmental footprint by minimizing your demand for water from the primary grid. Moreover, there are many options you'll come across when you go shopping or do an online search for rainwater tanks for sale. Initially, rainwater tanks used to be round, big and unattractive, but today, they come in numerous sizes and shapes, making them ideal even for small urban spaces. So what factors should you keep in mind when purchasing a rainwater tank? Keep reading to know more.


The capacity of your rainwater tank will be determined by your requirements, the installation space, the quantity of annual rainfall and your budget. So, start by allocating funds for the tank, and then check the market to know the size of the tank you can get with that amount. A 5000-gallon water tank will be more costly than a 3000-gallon one, for example.

Also, you need to identify where you will install the tank. Slimline tanks are suitable for narrow spaces, while squat and round tanks can fit under decks. If you lack space, you can also consider installing an underground water tank. While the installation will cost more, it will save you space.

The amount of rainfall you receive in your area should also play a significant role in determining your water tank choice. If you rarely get rain, be sure to buy a larger tank.


Generally, water tanks come in different materials, including metal, polyethylene, fibreglass and concrete. Polyethylene tanks are durable, non-corrosive and fairly cheap. Metal tanks are popular as well and come with an inner lining designed to protect the quality of water.

If you need water for agricultural use or for a garden, consider choosing a concrete tank. The tank will last longer, won't rust and won't even be affected by the harmful rays of the sun like plastic ones. Fibreglass tanks can also be considered thanks to their chemical resistance and rust-free features. While they might not come cheap, you can be sure they will offer value for your money.

Once you manage to find a suitable rainwater tank, do not hesitate to hire an experienced and reputable installation expert. The professional will not only recommend the best location but will also ensure that your tank is perfectly installed. They will also ensure the gutter system is well fixed so you can maximise on your investment once it rains. For more information, contact businesses that install water tanks.

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