3 Questions To Ask Your Plastic Packaging Manufacturer

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Plastics are the most compelling option for packaging, owing to their performance, durability and cost-efficiency. Plastic packaging has many applications in a variety of industries such as healthcare packaging, food and beverage packaging, and so on. Plastic enables manufacturers to preserve, protect, store and transport items in a glut of ways. Moreover, it is easy to lift and carry products secured in plastic since they are lightweight. Plastic technology involves various raw materials and techniques which allow manufacturers to create technically advanced packaging in a surfeit of shades and shapes. The following are essential questions that you should ask the plastic packaging manufacturer about their products.

1. What are their item capabilities and offerings?

When consulting a packaging company, make sure that they satisfy your needs.   Request the firm to give you a comprehensive list of their capabilities, merits, packaging options and storage solutions. The packaging manufacturer should give you the ideal shape of the package and the various colours of printing. Ensure you also ask which films and structures they use in packaging. These details will give you a glimpse of the firm's capabilities.

2. What is their minimum order size?

Plastic packaging companies have a minimum threshold for an order.  The minimum is the least amount that the company can offer to make profits. Keep in mind that the larger the company is, the bigger the minimum purchase is that you will have to make. If you need a small quantity, then finding a suitable company can be challenging. Most manufacturers prefer significant volumes since they imply a higher profit margin. Inquire from the packaging manufacturer about their minimums and if they are too high, ask them if they can refer you to a company that does short-runs.

3. How responsive are they?

To reap the most, proper communication between you and the packaging firm is compulsory. Poor communication, such as unanswered emails and calls, will slow down the packaging process and cause consequent delays in the delivery of your product. You should inquire about their call time and the window period before getting a response. You should also ask about the practices of their customer service. This question will assist you in finding a manufacturer who wants to partner with you. The company should offer you stellar service in the ordering as well as buying process. 

To get the ideal plastic packaging manufacturer, you should conduct your research. Your research should start with a broad list of packaging manufacturers that you find from your online searches and referrals. You should then allocate some time to talk with every firm to have your queries answered.

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