How You Can Save Money By Upgrading Your Pipes

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Australians are always looking at ways to save money in any way they can and for good reason. Electricity prices continue to go up, as does water, gas and almost every other basic utility, not to mention the rising price of essential groceries and clothing. There are still some methods that you can employ to save yourself some money while not losing any of the functionality of these basic needs. Not the least of these methods is to use a pre-insulated pipe system in your home and business, and this article will outline exactly why that is.


A pre-insulated pipe has several distinct advantages over your average piping system. For one there is a higher level of build quality, which means they are less likely to fail over time. This is due to the added layers of production that have a higher threshold for a pass mark than regular piping. But far more importantly is the fact that a pre-insulated pipe retains the temperature of the water or liquid much better than your regular piping. This means it costs less to heat or cool the water in every part of your building that the pre-insulated pipe system is connected too. 

What Type Of Insulation Is Used?

Understandably, people get apprehensive when they think about insulation coming into contact with their drinking water, as asbestos is still fresh in people's minds. However, there is no risk of any contamination from pre-insulated pipe systems because the insulation used is generally made from a type of plastic. A subtype of polyethylene is one of the most common sources of pipe insulation, and there is no absorption of the insulation material.  Pipe insulation is very different to home insulation, which is where confusion might arise, but rest assured  that the two have very different origins, manufacturing and materials, and producers are well aware how to create non-contaminating insulation. 

Easy To Replace Or Install

If your pipes are currently on their last legs or if you haven't started work on your home, then you are in luck! Choosing to go with pre-insulated pipes is a simple choice, as it involves basically no extra steps for installation. The piping itself is more expensive than basic pipes, but when you look at the lifetime of the insulated pipes (some can last more than 40 years), it becomes clear that you will save thousands more on heating bills. 

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