Pay Extra Attention to These 4 Crucial Features When Purchasing Formatubes

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Formatubes are essential industrial products that play a crucial role in the construction industry. You can invest in formatubes, especially during concrete pouring, to create column-type shapes. These tubes can help you achieve the highest accuracy and efficiency during the process. But what features should you look at when purchasing formatubes?

Here are four essential features to consider when choosing the right formatube for your construction project:

Size and Specs

Formatubes come in different sizes, and whichever size you want depends on the intended column dimensions. Additionally, specifications may be in terms of circumference or diameter and height. Thus, when placing an order, be sure you fully understand if the sizes required are for the exact specs to avoid ordering the wrong size. 

Interior Lining

Check the interior lining of the formatubes. Cardboard formatubes, for instance, contain interior lines. Here is where the components overlap one another. Thus, while poring concrete to hold an erected pole, the lines should be the least of your worries. However, if you want your concrete column to have some decorations, consider choosing formatubes with smoother interiors. 

Biodegradable Options

Formatubes designed solely from cardboard material are biodegradable. However, those with interior plastic layers might not be fully biodegradable. Biodegradable tubes help minimise your carbon footprint and are eco-friendly. Therefore, it's essential to double-check the manufacturer's specifications and description to find the right formatubes.

Besides, if you'll be using these tubes in the ground and wouldn't need to remove them later, choosing biodegradable is the best option. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to minimising waste production during the project, selecting biodegradable tubes will effectively help achieve this. 

Labelling Options

Besides selling the formatubes, manufacturers also provide mailing tubes that assist companies who want to print information on the exterior. Thus, if you require your formatubes to have some labelling, you may want to consider this as well. For instance, if you are into landscaping business and part of your job is making landscaping pillars, you may want to customise the tubes with your company's name. 

Additionally, you may prefer having the company address and contact details displayed on the tube's exterior. This way, you will be promoting your business and giving it some much-needed exposure. This is a great marketing strategy to gain more clients and expand your business venture. 

Final Thoughts

These are four essential features to consider when purchasing formatubes for your projects. Make sure you observe the size and specs, interior lining, biodegradability and labelling options. This way, you will find formatubes that will assist you in completing your project in style. 

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