Are You Following The Right Sandblasting Steps? Avoid These Mistakes

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Sandblasting is an effective and fast method of cleaning surfaces. A sandblaster is a powerful and useful machine mostly used for commercial applications. The device uses particles moving at high speed from the air compressor. Though the sandblaster is a helpful device, misusing it can lead to damage or injuries. If you wish to use a sandblaster, then follow these tips. 

Follow Safety Precautions

The sandblasting process involves small particles flying in the air at high speeds. Keep in mind that these particles that can strip off the paint. Thus, they can damage your skin. Before you begin the sandblasting process, cover any exposed skin. Ensure you have heavy overalls for any employees working around the sandblasting machine. Heavy gloves are also necessary when working a sandblaster. The gloves you put on should reach your arms. When putting on gloves, do not leave any exposed skin between your sleeve and glove. Also, get a helmet and protective glasses to protect your head. 

Pick the Right Particles

Different particles are suitable for different surfaces. So, it is essential to get the right particles for your application. For instance, using metal cut wire on a historic wall can cause serious damage. Sand is the most common sandblasting material used in most applications. However, that does not make sand the ideal materials to use in your project. Take the time to analyse the type of surface you are working on before choosing the particles to use. That way, you will have an effective sandblasting process. 

Collect the Blasting Particles

The good thing about sandblasting materials is that you can use them over and over. If your device has a blasting cabinet, these particles are collected and loaded back to that blaster automatically. Once you begin reusing these blasting particles, you will save a lot of cash. That can be helpful if you are working on a long project. If you do not have a blasting cabinet, use a tarp to cover your working area. That will help you recollect the medium hitting the surfaces and the ones that bounce back.


Sandblasting is a cleaning process that offers a lot of benefits. But, you have to follow the right procedures. Avoid the mistakes above if you wish to have an effective process. If you are not sure of the proper steps to take, then work with the experts. These professionals can help you avoid damage or injuries. When working with large machines, it is essential not to go past your abilities. Contact a sandblasting professional for more information. 

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