The Significance of Using Stillages in a Warehouse

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Today, a majority of warehouses use pallets to handle goods or items. However, safety and proper item handling is a significant concern in such environments. Stillages or pallet cages are quite handy when striving to achieve warehouse safety. They're specifically designed with safety features for secure transportation and storage of goods that may otherwise get compromised on conventional pallets. 

Read on to find out the actual benefits of using stillages, as well as the safety aspects they offer for your warehousing operations.

Protection and Safety

Stillages are an excellent choice if you are aiming at keeping your goods safe and secure. That's because there's little risk of damage to products compared to typical pallets. Your goods won't be exposed and are well protected from other activities within the warehouse. That's especially helpful when moving the pallet cage around your warehouse when the risk of damage is high. 

Handling and Mobility

Stillages are designed with effortless transportation in mind. They allow forklifts to move them quickly within a warehouse. Their design allows for safe forklift attachment, which makes transportation more efficient. Furthermore, pallet cages are ideal if you are planning to store goods that require security and stability. They act as an excellent containment system if your goods are facing the risk of toppling or shifting out of position.

Excellent Space Savers

There are many varieties of stillages, including storage and collapsible cages that can suit your warehousing requirements. Most of them come with foldable designs to allow simple storage when not in use. These designs allow easier stacking on racking systems or trucks, whether fully loaded or folded.

Efficient Stacking

With so many stillage varieties on the market, you can indeed find what befits your needs. Stacking cage pallets offers an effective way to minimise the need for racks. They also provide a safe way that allows for use on any racking system. As such, you can maximise your warehouse space since stacking will enable you to store large product quantities in limited areas. 


Finally, stillages come in different materials with either a metallic or wooden base. Your warehousing requirements will dictate your choice. Steel pallet cages are often galvanised to prevent rusting or possible cage damage and goods therein. That means that they are a durable and cost-effective option that requires little or no maintenance. 

A cage pallet's primary focus is to keep your goods safe and secure. That's not only crucial when storing goods but also helpful during transportation within the warehouse. Look around to find a pallet cage that works for your products. 

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