Do you need an easy way to create concrete columns?

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Concrete columns have been a staple of building projects for many years. They look good and provide the strong support needed by many structures. While the benefits of concrete columns have been long understood, the creation of the pillars hasn't always been easy. Frequently, these concrete pillars would have to be slowly created on-site or even produced elsewhere before being delivered to the building site where they would be used. Both of these options were often slow and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is now an easier method for creating concrete pillars which allows you to build them rapidly on-site.

The advantages of using cardboard tubes

Formatubes may not look especially impressive, they are after all only cardboard tubes yet they make the creation of cardboard columns incredibly easy. The tubes are placed in whatever location the cardboard column is needed and then concrete is poured into the tube which is normally braced into position with several pieces of timber. Since the inside of formatubes are lined with plastic the concrete doesn't stick to the cardboard and the tube can be easily cut away from the column once the concrete has dried. The result is a smooth concrete column which can be painted without the need from further preparatory work.

Where can you use formatubes?

The use of formatubes makes it easy for you to create concrete columns anywhere that you need them on your site. You might need decorative columns framing a porch on your new building, but you might need them long before that to help create a solid foundation for your property or to prevent the ground collapsing while the surrounding area is being excavated. This method can be used to create concrete columns just as easily below ground level as above it. You can even create reinforced concrete columns by inserting the steel inside the tube after the concrete has been poured but before the air bubbles are removed through vibration.

If you would like to find out more about how you can quickly build concrete columns on your site then ask your supplier today, they will be able to explain exactly what you need to do. Formatubes and similar solutions are available in a wide range of sizes and if you can't find exactly what you need then you can always modify an existing tube with a handsaw and then carry on and create precisely the column you need.

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