Benefits of Using Screw Pile Systems for Your Warehouse Expansion

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Owning a warehouse may leave you needing an expansion sooner or later. This could be because you need storage for certain projects. You may also need storage for inventory or increased storage for equipment. If you are planning on expanding the warehouse, you may find you need to consider the ground underneath the foundation expansion. If it is made of varying soils or may be too weak to hold certain structures, screw piles may be ideal. Here are some of the benefits to using screw piles as a solution for your warehouse expansion. 

Variety of Soils

One of the leading benefits to using screw pile systems is the ability to use them in a variety of soils. This is ideal when you are building in an area that may have multiple soils in one spot. You may also have the issue of a variety of materials in the soil from previous buildings or building projects. A screw pile system will be able to anchor in multiple soils and create a solid grip or hold where other foundation systems may not. 

Smaller Size

A concern for many property owners is with the size of the piling system being used. They may want to ensure that it does not take up a large amount of room under their buildings. If you choose to use a screw pile system, you can ensure that it does not take up much room. The screw piles are smaller than most other foundation systems. They also only take up the same amount of space as they are when going into the ground. This means they do not expand underground causing more area to be taken up at any point during the foundation process. 

Variety of Weights

You may also be concerned with the weight bearing down on the screw pile system. For example, your building or warehouse expansion may have an area that houses heavy equipment. This area will bring more pressure to the foundation than an area storing office worker spaces. This means you need a system that can hold up to the various shifting weights of the expansion. A screw pile system does this and can shift between the weights to help adjust to the shifting weights without causing damage to the foundation itself. 

These are just a few of the benefits to using screw piles as a solution for your warehouse expansion. If you are ready to determine if this method would work for you, contact your contractor. They can evaluate the area and determine if screw piles can be used. They can also discuss other options if you are interested. Contact a contractor that works with screw pile systems to learn more. 

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